About Dominion

Eagle chairBorn in Washington, DC, Dominion ONYX is an out, proud, Black Gay Man who loves other Black and Latino Gay Men. He is a writer, a blogger, an architect, and all-around bon vivant who loves good conversation with good friends. Dominion is also a Leather Daddy and a Bear, into all that kinky shit that you are afraid to talk about, but always wanted to try.

The first story Dominion ever wrote was called “Super Fats”, the somewhat true tale of a chubby young Black boy and his adventures in the world. As his classmates and even the teacher roared with laughter, he knew he had found his calling. On through his melancholy teenage years, his writing continued to reflect his observations of the world around him, sometimes sad, sometimes funny, but always truthful. Not afraid to poke fun at himself, Dominion prides himself on revealing the world as it is, uninhibited by the rose-colored lenses of our perceptions. Considered shady by some, Dominion prefers to offer cruel observations, and if his observations cast a shadow over the foolishness of the world, Dominion suggests that you address the darkness, not curse the light.

He offers these cruel observations on the world of Black and Latino gay men, dating, and life in general through his blog, Dominion’s Opinions and Adventures in Black Leather, Dominion’s first-person account of the life and times of a Black Gay Leatherman living in the big city, which appears on Leatherati.com. He is the author of Alex and Alonzo: A Love Story, the erotic/romantic/pornographic tale of two men who meet one night on train to work, available on Amazon. Dominion is the moderator and co-host of Reali-TEA, the weekly panel discussion series that tackles the biggest stories in the world of pop culture, celebrity, politics, and sex… with an Urban LGBT Twist, exclusively on PapiChuloRadio.com.